922878093809025339 12798889_1700757463541459_7045808367378526670_n 13239456_1734758756807996_4223339675232947104_n 13254395_1734758186808053_1809568756412250379_n 13263837_1734759050141300_3049894365871468570_n 13263928_1734758823474656_2073724472375864214_n 13267698_1734758440141361_66138772843808794_n 13267942_1734758886807983_769735277280998836_n 13307229_1734758693474669_4003138867934434890_n 13307315_1734758770141328_546516891878563421_n 13307413_1734759246807947_3682909271880768967_n 13310336_1734758803474658_3705035973710096094_n 13315287_1734758646808007_8198403799674892547_n 13315438_1734758596808012_7848627708825519911_n 13319691_1734758536808018_2506801844563581114_n 13321714_1734758676808004_469615559970292067_n 13327471_1734758860141319_5159117271798071430_n 13327476_1734759236807948_5457954877858335670_n Wedding Catering can be one of the biggest headaches of the Wedding Day but why not be a bit different and have FISH N CHIPS instead of The Wedding Buffet.  Being traditional British fayre its a crowd pleaser and perfect for adding a more relaxed feel to the day.With fish and chips as your wedding food of choice, you can afford to feed each wedding guest for well under £8 – allowing you to save money on other wedding preparations such as putting an extra bit of money towards that original show-stopping hairstyle you were keen on or hiring a band that may have been beyond your budget.

We will arrive approx one hour prior to when you require your guests to be served with no mess on exiting.  We serve in  disposable containers and cardboard Fish and Chip boxes with plastic cutlery, which means you have no mess to clean up.

We include all condiments such as tartar sauce, wedges of lemon, ketchup and mayonnaise, salt and vinegar and mushy peas if required.

You can ask for a bespoke menu, to cater for your guests or you can choose from  your chip shop favourites  For example:

Fish and Chips

Quarter pounders

Chicken Fillet Burger

Fish Cake

Battered Sausage

3 Vegetarian options

Kids menus 

Same as adults menus, but also can offer Chicken Nuggets and fish fingers.

Or you tell us what you would like us to provide and we are sure we can cater to your guests needs.

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